Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Do you offer both hair and makeup?

A: We do! I myself offer both services to my clients.  Select Design team members may only offer hair or makeup. In this case you would be notified upon your inquiry as to what we have available.


Q: Do you work alone or have a team?

A: If a wedding day timeline and the services requested not require an associate to accompany me, then I will work alone.  Most weddings I do have one of my design team members present for services, since they will provide part of the bridal parties services they are a perfect choice to book with when I am personally unavailable!


Q: Why are your prices slightly higher ?

A: We are a fully stocked salon made mobile! We pride ourselves in ensuring your wedding day beauty services are customized, relaxing and just as how you envisioned it.  In order to do so we search out the best high performance makeup and hair products that can cater to the large variety of clients we have. Unlike a salon we offer our communication to you, along with scheduling timelines, answering questions pertaining to your day, and gifting special little touches that a salon does not ( you will have to book to see for yourself!)  We are like a salon in that pricing for our services divide out into covering a multitude of expenses such as; a variety of products we make available, office hours and employee expenses. We continue to educate ourselves on the most current styles, and provide a professional organized luxury service to your day.  If you have any doubt that your investment with us will not be guaranteed, we would love for you view real bride testimonials or contact a listed vendor under "referrals" on our" testimonials" page and get feedback directly from other vendors and clients as to how their experience was with us!


Q: What is included in your pricing?

A: Lots and lots of care for you, your party and your day! Your investment with us includes  expertise, education, convenience and peace of mind. You will never be curious as to when you will hear from us, you will not get a phone call saying "we have to cancel" or " we double booked".  We will help you find the perfect look, look at your pictures/ ideas you envision for your overall style, customize a wedding services schedule, help you find the perfect shade of lipstick.....there's just too much to mention without spoiling some of the goodies! We are an extremely organized and structured team, if you are looking for a premier vendor who will GUARANTEE you an all around excellent service, we provide it.


Q: What if I just want my hair curled, is that an updo?

A: Yes. Anything involving curling and/or pinning is considered an up do.  We will still take just as much time and put forth the attention to detail as if it were being pinned up.


Q: Is there a different price for different hair lengths?

A: No. We set aside the same amount of time and care no matter what the length, texture, or density.  Just because your hair may be short, does not mean it will necessarily be easier;) 


Q: Do you give discounts?

A:NO sorry. We do not discount or negotiate pricing that is listed on our pricing guides.  In order to give everyone an awesome experience in full, we do not feel discounts to our work or what we provide to our clients is fair to those involved.  If you feel my personal availability be out of your budget, our trained and licensed pro team of stylists are available at a slightly lower rate :)


Q: Do you have different pricing for different days of the week, including Sundays?

A: We do offer a smaller "purchase minimum" for mid-week weddings, however our prices are not discounted.  Sundays are considered an "off day" for myself and my team since we offer office time and additional services during the week (we like to keep everyone on our team happy, healthy and recharged so they can provide awesome services! We kindly ask that you acknowledge all Sunday booking policies when inquiring :)  Pri- fix pricing is assigned for weddings booked on a Sunday and have an increased purchase minimum.


Q: What do I need to do to secure my date?

A: An event date is securely booked when a deposit and contract are received by On-Site Bridal.  Deposits are the total amount of the brides services. No dates are "held". All dates are booked on a first come first serve basis for myself. Please don't hesitate to use one of my trained and trusted Design Team members if your date is not available for me to accommodate.


Q: Do you take large parties, and is there any number too large?

A: We can handle any size party! If we can not accommodate the number of girls in your party due to time restrictions according to your day, then we will let you know upon receiving your wedding inquiry form.


If you have any additional questions we will happily answer them!