Workshop Overview

Our Group Workshops are designed for a FUN and EDUCATIONAL ladies beauty night!

A Workshop can be held at a HOSTESS home, business, choice location OR in our OSB studio. As a HOST, you will receive the class for FREE!

Select ONE of our workshop options below OR email us for a requested custom party of what you and your group would like to learn.

Group Workshops require a minimum of 5 guests and a maximum of 10 guests.

Groups larger then 10 please inquire for details


M A K E U P   B A G   E D I T 

Bring out your Makeup Bags! This class will focus on :

Essentials, Simplifying your stash, What products to splurge on, Pro faves, Shelf life of select products, and nailing down your beauty investments to give you a great daily routine.



F O U N D A T I O N  1 0 1

Ever wonder if you using the right foundation?  This class focuses on:

How to color match, when to swap out your foundation, what foundation suits your skin type and what you want to look for in a foundation for ultimate results.


T O O L S   1 0 1

"I have too many tools!' - Said No Makeup Artist EVER!  

But... the everyday woman can definitely get overwhelmed with all the tools, brushes and fun accessories out there! This class will focus on:

The essential brushes for every makeup bag, creating a simple selection, which brands and brushes to splurge on and the different materials each brush is made of.  These factors will help you eliminate the saying,"what is this brush for!?"


                                   Private Classes

We also offer individual sessions charged by the hour and can be tailored to any topic of your choosing!  Inquire on our contact page!